Grange Farm Brighstone Bay,
Military Road,
Isle of Wight
PO30 4DA.
01983 740296 (DIRECT)
01983 741233 (FAX)

One of the few unspoilt, non-commercialised coastal sites with unpolluted sea air, situated on the beautiful s.w. coast, with easy access to our sandy beach and picturesque views of our Chine and Brighstone Forest.
The whole area is ideal for cycling, fishing, fossil hunting - a walkers paradise.
An idea family holiday for:-
Camping with Tents - "Touring Caravans" - "Campervan" - "Motorhomes"  - "Small Camping Pods" - "Hardstanding water waste also available"
We also have Self-catering in our "Centrally heated Static Caravans" or "Converted Barns" (Holiday Cottages)

We are a small, family run working farm, having many unusual, friendly animals including: Alpacas, pigs, goats, pony, horse, water buffalos, donkey, poultry etc + small pets.
We have 4 Cottage Barn Conversions, and 12 Static Caravans situated on an old lifeboat station area, a stone throw from the beach!
[ AA ] Inspected - 4 star rating
Quality in tourism not rated from 2016  however "3 stars" for at least 20 years before this date
David Bellamy Gold conservation award

Here at Grange Farm, we are well known for our wide selection of animals.

  Goats  and Sheep

One of our most popular attractions here at Grange Farm is our goat family, made up of pygmy goats and anglo nubian goats, although they are sometimes cheeky and eat all the nice flowers, they are also very friendly and love attention, whether its inside their stable or out on the pasture.

We have twin anglo nubians called Lilly and Fern they are brown floppy eared goats, three half sister anglo nubian goats called Flora, Dotty and Daisy. And we have a family of pygmy goats all born here on Grange Farm called, Snowdrop, Buttercup, Buster, Baxter, Poppy and Willow.

Also there is a seperate herd of Registered Boer Goats, they do love a good scratch and cuddle, they are usually on the main site, but if not they can be seen from the footpath across the road, they will be able to be heard before seen.

Grange farms ever growing flock of rare breed Ryeland sheep also known as the teddy bear sheep, because they have alot of wool and they are alot smaller than the average sheep, if you are able to join us here at Grange Farm between March and April you may be greeted with some cute little lambs.


 Small Pets

 Our small pets are situated in the farm yard. We have large and small rabbits, and a guinea pig. We have a male continental rabbit called Teddy, 2 female continental rabbits Lolly and Floss,a female lionhead rabbit called raisin which has a Guinea Pig as a room mate called Hobnob.


 Here at Grange farm we have Geese, Ducks and Chickens, they are situated at the back of the farm in the poultry area where we also keep the pigs in certain seasons. Our chickens and ducks produce free range eggs that are available to buy in our shop.

We also have a large range of different breed chickens:

  • Welsummer
  • Dutch
  • Barbu'danver
  • Frizzle
  • Pekin
  • Maran
  • Wyandotte
  • Orpington
  • Appenzeller
  • Sussex
  • Sebright
  • Jersey Giant
  • Brama
  • Hamburg
  • Various cross breeds..


Here on the farm we have 2 micropigs called Pickle and Pepper, and 2 kune kune pigs called Bangers and Mash, they are all females (sows). They are normally kept in the chine or on the pastures. Our pigs are very affectionate and they adore a belly rub or a pat any time of the day. They have very healthy diets, so we don't allow tip bits, this is to keep them fit and healthy and to make sure they don't get over weight and unhealthly. However we do allow customers to give our pigs fresh fruit and vegtables as long as it isn't kitchen waste.


Large Livestock

Our large livestock consist of Harley the horse, Misty and Tallulah the donkeys, Flo the buffalo and Wallace,Gromit,Sonny,Max and Norman the alpaca's. Flo the buffalo is kept in the field across the road, ask the staff in the shop where she is located. The horse and donkeys are kept in the pastures or the stables, and they love a good stroke. The alpaca's are normally found in the same area's as the horse and donkeys, although they are shy, they will still come up to the fence and at early hours in the morning you can see them being fed.